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May 11, 2016

MAC Matchmaster Concealer - Review

I'll be reviewing the MAC - Matchmaster Concealer. This is supposed to be long-wearing, reduces appearance of discoloration and long term hydration as so MAC claims. weighs 3,5g/0,12 oz. I got mine in the shade ''3''. Costs around 22€. I only recently started using MAC for roughly a month now. The woman who helped me pick out the concealer recommended this to me since I have pretty dry under eyes. I must admit, it looked better when the woman applied it for me at the store.

For me personally this product is good but not the best. This is not full coverage, you would need to build it up to get the coverage you're looking for. Which I don't mind building since I personally don't need that much coverage.  The packaging makes It super easy to apply, saves you a lot of time especially when you're in a hurry. BUT one thing that I have noticed during the past month was that it started looking cakey on me after a couple of hours.

Overall I wouldn't mind repurchasing this product again. I would recommend this to someone who isn't looking for full coverage, has semi dry skin and loves easy-to-use products.


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