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May 11, 2016

Recent Purchases

Decided to share what I have been buying the past weeks, since I haven't been posting as much. I have been mostly buying skin care products (If you haven't noticed).  Got to invest in skin care products since you only got one face ;).

Dr.Denim skinny black jeans Basic black skinny jeans. I needed a new pair of black jeans anyway, since my old ones started getting holes in the inner thigh area. Which happens A LOT.  ~ 49,95€

Sunglasses - These are a pair of sunglasses from Lindex. Just your everyday basic cat eye sunnies. ~ 7,90€

M.A.C Prolong wear concealer - Since my current concealer ran out I decided to try something new. M.A.C prolong concealer has been raved about for ages so I guess we shall see what is so hype about this product. ~ 22€

Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow - Finally got my hands on one of these bad boys! I have been wanting to try this product out for ages but never came around to buying it. It's a gel based brow dip, which may be a bit harder to apply than a pencil or powder based. ~ 27,90€

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing cream - I was walking around the mall with a friend and this moisturizer just happened to be on sale! I have heard a lot of good stuff about Cliniques skin products which made me curious to try it out. Plus it felt really nice when I tried it in the store. It's a gel based moisturizer recommended for dry to dry combination skin. ~ Around 20 €

Body shop tea tree oil - Since I have been trying to improve my skin and have a few blemishes and scars around my  face, tea tree oil is supposingly able to help me with that. ~ 9,90€

Clarins lotion tonique, camomille, Alcohol free - A friend of mine introduced this toner to me, and since I'm such a good friend I listened to her and went out to buy it. I guess we will see if it was worth the money, since It is definitely more on the pricey side. ~ 25,90€

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser - I decided to google "Must have cleansers" and kiehl's ultra facial cleanser popped up with great reviews. It's a gentle yet effective cleanser that is suppose to get every dirt on your face. ~ 18,90 €

I might be doing reviews on the products I have mentioned above if anyone is interested let me know!

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