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August 30, 2016

6 Beauty Mistakes We Have All Done

We all know when we first started using make-up it didn't go all too well. We thought we were experts already in doing our make-ups, but oh how we were wrong. I'm sure one of the 6 beauty mistakes I'm about to mention, we have all been guilty of. Let the fun begin!

1. Buying foundation that was way too dark for you
No comment, I have definitely done this. I have learnt from my mistakes and will always make sure to ask a professional for help. 

2. Wearing lipstick that was too bright
I still remember buying a bright pink lipstick, cause I thought the colour was pretty (not on me, but the colour in general) If the lipstick was pretty it would definitely look pretty on you too, right? ;) WRONG.

3. Getting a haircut that looked great on a model but horrible on you
Still traumatised from my horrible haircut experience. 

4. Not applying moisturizer to your neck
I'm still guilty of doing this and I'm sure there are others out there as well, who know that they are supposed to apply moisturizer to your neck as well but you simply forget or just don't. 

5. Buying a bronzer that made you look orange
When the whole bronzing trend came out, I definitely didn't know what shade of bronzer to buy.

6. Making your eyebrows look like two caterpillars
I think this speaks for itself.

What was your biggest beauty mistake?



  1. I constantly buy foundation that is too dark or pink toned for me! Those lights in the stores just make the color look different!


    1. I feel you hun! They seriously got to fix whatever lighting they got on over there. :)

  2. I'm STILL recovering from cutting my hair short last year, I instantly regretted it!
    jen / enter my too faced giveaway x

  3. Orange bronzer all the way. It's such a struggle though!

    Love, Kerstin

    1. The things we do for beauty!

      Thanks for commenting. :) xx

  4. Hey, Jasmine! Oh my gosh, I just stumbled across your blog and am completely in LOVE! This post is so fun, but also true :) I'm so pale, so I've made the foundation mistake way too many times! Can't wait to see your next post xoxo

    1. Aww, thank you! You're so sweet :) Thanks for commenting and do stick around! xx

  5. So very true my dear it happened to me too,number 6 though..

    1. Oh no, another victim of the caterpillar eyebrows! haha


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