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August 26, 2016

My Trip To The Netherlands

Prepare yourself for billions of pictures that are coming ahead.  So on the beginning of August me and two of my closest friends decided to go to the Netherlands for a week to visit one of our friends. This was also my second time being in the Netherlands.

We stayed in Rotterdam for 5 nights and in Amsterdam for 2 nights. The trip didn't start off that well for me as the day we were supposed to leave to the Netherlands, I got my menstrual cycle and of course it got me to be a bit moody and felt nauseous. On top of having my menstrual cycle I also had a small fever, but I was NOT prepared to cancel my trip just cause of this (I know some people might call me stupid for going anyway, but no way in hell am I missing out!!)

On the plane to the Netherlands. Weee. 

I'll start with when I was in Rotterdam since that was the first place we went to after we got off the plane. I didn't really take many pictures during my stay in Rotterdam, I was mostly focusing on living in the moment and just having a good time with my friends. 

But yeah, the day we arrived I started feeling even worse ( PLUS IT WAS RAINING) I felt so crap that all I wanted to do was take the next flight back home (I swear there are good parts coming up as well!!). I started to binge drink tea like a crazy person, hoping to make myself feel better and I just ended up sleeping the whole day. 

Next morning I felt a whole lot better and of course the first thing we thought of doing was to go shopping! To be honest we shopped for 3 days straight after that day. If anyone has ever been to Finland they would know that we don't have that many clothing brands to shop at, so of course it was in my nature to shop till I drop. 

Oh snap! I also went to my very first rave festival in Rotterdam. It was a totally new experience for me, but I had an absolute total blast. 

Met a lot of nice people in the process as well :)

After all the rave parties and shopping it was time to leave and go to AMSTERDAM! 

Obviously we couldn't just leave Rotterdam without having a bagel.

Amsterdam, here we are.

 Just when I thought I did enough of shopping in Rotterdam, I had to do some more shopping in Amsterdam... A moment of silence for our long lost friend money. 

I did some sightseeing, took tons of pictures and made new friends. All that touristy stuff..Hehe... 

All in all I had a great time even though it started badly. You just have to live in the moment! :)

Sorry if I didn't really go in much detail on what I did in Amsterdam, but it was pretty much exactly the same things with what I did in Rotterdam just in different places. I didn't want it to become repetitive, and bore you all. 

Have you been to the Netherlands?

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  1. After that post I really want to go! Will have to add it to the list of wanderlust, it looks amazing & as a lover of the fault in our stars I think it's only right I pay a trip to Amsterdam

    - Alicia - www.thoughtsbyalixx.blogspot.co.uk

    1. You definitely should! The people there are super friendly as well :) Ahh! I actually tried to find the fault in the stars bench, but god knows which one it is. There were over 100 different benches that looked identical. :( xoxo


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