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September 09, 2016

How To Survive A Long Distance Friendship

I would call myself a very international person, I have been in International schools for almost 70% of my life. I am very grateful to have been in International schools and I am now a more open-minded person and met the most incredible people out there, but with every positive comes a negative. 

People end up moving away... Of course it doesn't only happen in International schools but also when people get older they move away to study etc... People grow apart. I have experienced me moving away from my closest friends and my closest friends moving away from me ever since I was 8 years old. So... here are some of my tips that help me keep in contact and stay in the loop. 

1. Skype/FaceTime/Any other video calling applications is your new best friend
I try to Skype or FaceTime my friends whenever I have time or just feel down and needing someone to talk to. It makes you feel like they are here with you and most importantly you can see each others faces! I could FaceTime with my friends for hours talking about the most random stuff. 

2. Send post cards, write letters.. 
I remember when I first moved away when I was 8, I was absolutely devastated... getting separated from your best friends was the worse feeling ever and not knowing what's going to happen next. So we just constantly wrote letters to each other and sent holiday cards! Now a days everything is all done through social media, wishing everyone Merry Christmas and happy birthdays. In my opinion post cards and letters are a nice way of letting someone know you still care and think about them. 

3. Understand that they won't be here to text you and answer your calls whenever you want
This is a thing that took me quite a long time to understand and this goes for both parties. You need to understand that them not answering your texts straight away isn't a sign that they have forgotten about you. You are busy, they are busy, we all are busy. You meet new people and we all get lonely. They don't have you here to watch movies together or just hang out together. It makes sense that they would also want someone here that they can do all that with. They are still your best friends no matter what, but they also need someone where they are at. I have best friends in other countries and we all have made new friends and honestly every time we meet it feels like old days and that nothing has changed. 

4. Plan your holidays together
Do you both have holidays at the same time? This is what I do all the time with my friends. We try to meet up in other countries and it's a win win. You get to go on holiday whilst spending time with your bestie. 

5. Letting them know you miss them
I occasionally text my friends letting them know I miss them cause I really do. I know to some people it might be a little awkward to do, but it's just something that makes them feel better or when they text you saying they miss you,  you feel better for not being the only one. 

I must admit it's a scary thing moving away or your friends moving away, but know that you both are affected by it. I'm scared all the time when my friends move away ''what if they forget about me? What if they find someone better than me?'' If it's meant to be it will always work out. Everything always works out in the end. I'm surviving and so will you! And let me tell you all my friends who are no longer here I am still in contact with and it doesn't feel awkward meeting each other again after  a year. 

Let me know some of your tips on how to survive long distance!

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  1. I think realising not everyone can text back and call you when it's convenient for you is such a big thing you have to learn when you have friends all over the place! I definitely think my true friends are the people that I can not speak to for a month and then as soon as we get chatting again it's like we never left :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Totally agree with you! Thanks for commenting, I love your blog!! haha


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