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September 16, 2016

Make Up Store Concealer - Review

 I use to be in love with Make Up Store's concealers until they ran out of it for a while here where I lived. A year later the shops were back to selling Make Up Store's products again but with a whole different packaging and product. I was so excited when they came back, I bought the exact same concealer and colour but something was different. I have had this product for maybe four months now and here I am giving you a review. 

I really like the look of their new packaging compared to their older versions. But what I don't like is that the thing where you get your product out is round which leaves the products that are in the corners unreachable by finger so maybe getting a brush for this would be a good idea (I use a brush while using this product). 

The packaging is made of plastic nothing fancy schmancy. 

The product itself is not really smooth, it feels quite dry to be honest. If anyone has tried the older versions of this product you would know how moisturising and nice it felt compared to the new ones. I usually apply this to my under eyes but I noticed straight away how dry and cakey it looked. You can imagine how unflattering it was. I was so in love with their older concealers that I was desperate to make this work, but I just couldn't which I am really bummed out about. On the positive side it works quite well to cover pimples and acne. It has really good coverage so I use this on a daily basis to cover any imperfections on my face.

Would I purchase this product again? Probably not. I think this product might be able to work if my bags weren't as dry, so don't let me stop you from purchasing this product if you are thinking of it! :)

Have you tried this product? 

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