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September 04, 2016

My Bucket List

I decided to share my current bucket list and basically a post to remind myself of things that I want to experience and accomplish while I am still alive (sounds harsh, doesn't it? I am not dying anytime soon btw.) Hopefully you find this interesting! 

1. Go zip lining

2. Go skydiving

3. Travel to South africa, all the countries in Europe, Japan, Hawaii, Hong Kong, South Korea, Fiji, Australia, Indonesia, Cuba, Philipines and many more... aka travel to as many countries as I possibly can! 

4. Go on a safari

5. Go on a Caribbean cruise

6. Go on a road trip with my closest friends

7. One day buy my own house

8. Get my blog to 1000 followers

9. Be confident and happy in my own body.

10.  Help build a school in a country in need

11. Learn to cook as good as my mom

Do you have a bucket list?

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