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September 18, 2016

Story time: My 2004 Tsunami Experience

Me and my family went on a christmas holiday to Phuket for 2 weeks I was really young at that time and we had a great time in Phuket before disaster happened. One of the deadliest tsunami happened 12 years ago that was spread around south east Asia. Till this very day I can still remember exactly what happened... I'm probably never going to forget what happened 12 years ago and it's just something that I will take on with me for the rest of my life. It is one of the most traumatising experiences of my life and I just wanted to share my side of the story and how me and my family survived it. 

26th December, 2004
 Everyone got up to go get breakfast, and after a while me and my little brother went to play in the pool whilst waiting for the adults to finish their breakfast (Our hotel was literally in-front of the Ocean). All a sudden I see the workers running inside the hotel panicking and not telling anyone what was going on. My mom went up to ask them what's wrong, but they refused to tell, until she saw this huge wave coming towards the hotel and yelled ''BOMB!'' Everyone got up and started panicking. Chaos broke out. My mom quickly took me and my brother by the hand and we ran all the way at the back of the hotel. Before I knew it I was surrounded with water. Of course there was a dead end  and we couldn't go anywhere, there was this huge wall that my uncle attempted to climb over before the wave totally took it down. When the wall fell down there was a huge river of everything that the tsunami ate with it. Me and my family then decided to swim through the river to cross to the other side. As I was swimming I saw A LOT of dead bodies, I saw dead bodies hanging on the utility pole and I am sure when you are this young seeing something like that really hits a toll on you. I remember my mom telling me to say some kind of prayer which I ended up repeating over and over again. I was confused, scared and I thought I was going to die. As soon as we got to the other side the whole family suddenly went separate ways, my dad went somewhere with my uncle and my cousin and aunt went a different direction, so during the whole time it was just me, my mom and my little brother who was at that time 4 years old. We kept on hearing people shouting ''COME UP, COME UP'' as people were climbing up buildings. We continued walking somewhere to find a safe way to climb up to the roof top of a building, but as we were walking we bumped into this naked woman who was totally covered in blood so I held her hand and she joined us for a short amount of time until she told us she had to find someone and left us (I really hope she survived). As soon we got up a building I saw my dad and uncle on top of another building. My uncle shouted asking us if we have seen his wife and daughter, which we haven't. At this point we started freaking out thinking that there might be a high possibility that they are dead. We started asking around if anyone has seen two blonde haired girls etc... We climbed from building to building trying to find safety. There was a hospital near by which was on top of a huge hill and we were all told to go to that hill since there would be another huge wave coming towards us and that we would be safe up there. Straight away when we heard there was a hospital we hurried there to see if my aunt and cousin were there. Now the hospital was horrible (not horrible as in bad doctors horrible, but horrible as in every inch of the hospital was covered in blood). I remember walking pass dead bodies and looking if any of them were my aunt and cousin and non of them were, which was a relief in a way. It meant that they weren't dead or then they are dead but no one has found their bodies yet. At one point I had to use the toilet so I went in the toilet and the first thing I thought was ''This bathroom came straight out of a horror movie'' As I went to one of the bathroom stalls about to do my business there was blood all over the toilet seat. I started crying I was REALLY young and I had no idea what to do all I could think of was ''I'm going to die'' as soon as I stopped crying and did my business I walked out and it's just blood everywhere the sinks had blood, the floor was blood. We ended up staying at the hospital until it was all over. After it all ended we were brought to another hotel which wasn't effected by the tsunami and stayed there for the night. At this point we still had no idea where my aunt and cousin were and started accepting the fact that they were dead. The next day was an absolute miracle, our cousin and aunt just miraculously showed up. None of my family had any serious injuries we all just had minor cuts then the next day we flew back home.

My heart goes out for every single soul that was taken by the tsunami that day and I am so very grateful that I am still alive and that all my family members were all safe. Thinking back to when this all happened is making me cry, if only you could see how horrible the deaths were. Not only did I witness dead bodies but I also witnessed people getting taken away out into the ocean, I witnessed a mom losing her new born baby to the tsunami and it was just horrible. 

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