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October 30, 2016

My Guy Friends Answers My Questions On Boys

I guess this is something I have never done before on my blog. I wanted to try something new other than something beauty related. Lately I have been going out with my girl friends a lot and just been having tons of unanswered questions, which I decided to take it to my own hands and ask three of my different guy friends what their answers to these questions are. I thought maybe other people would find this useful as well which then made me want to make a blog post out of it. Hopefully these answers would be beneficial in some way!

Q.1: Why do guys carcall? What's the point in it? 

Guy 1: ''No clue to be honest. It's a thing that varies from guy to guy, some do it cause they want to look cool in front of the bros, others cause they are trying to pick up girls and some just don't do it.''
Guy 2: ''They think that if the girl is attracted to them, or is a hoe, that they'll come to the car and they'll get the phone number at least.''
Guy 3: ''I don't think anyone with at least a doze of class would do that''

Q.2: Do guys find confidence in girls attractive? If so how much confidence is attractive and when does it go overboard? 

Guy 1: ''I find a confident woman very attractive, I'd like her to be confident enough to make choices, for me to be able to rely on her and of course she rely on me. But not to be overly boastful or too full of herself that's overboard for me''
Guy 2: ''Confidence is good, but vanity isn't. Every guy likes a confident girl, but she can't be bigheaded or anything. There's a difference between being confident and vain''
Guy 3: ''Enough confidence to be able to stand up for yourself is attractive. Confidence in general is attractive as long as the girl doesn't make it seem like she doesn't need a man at all in her life — that's a huge turn off.''

Q.3: Do guys discuss about their new 'fling' with their guy friends like girls do?

Guy 1: ''Yeah I tend to tell my closest friends about girls I've encountered''
Guy 2: ''Guys discuss their flings sometimes, unless it's an embarrassing fling, or if it's someone they don't want their friends to know about. Sometimes sharing is not caring''
Guy 3: ''Depends on the person. Extraverts in general do while introverts don't.''

Q.4: How do you know if he is just in it for the sex or actually trying to be your boyfriend?

Guy 1: ''Well when a guy is going for sex and nothing else he tends to be direct try to get your attention as quickly as possible but if it's a longer term thing he's looking for. He'll slow down take his time and want you to know many good qualities in him as possible''
Guy 2: ''He'll offer to take you out multiple times instead of offering to Netflix and chill at his.''
Guy 3:''Guys who are into sex usually do casual flirting with a few women at the same time. I think guys into serious relationships will take more time before taking each step.''

Q.5: Why didn't he text me back? 

Guy 1: ''That one is down to three guess, he's not interested, honestly forgot/never saw it or just didn't know what to say back''
Guy 2: ''He doesn't find you attractive, or he has other girls, or you chat to another boy who's his friend as boys are loyal.''
Guy 3: ''I guess the reason is the same why a girl wouldn't text back — you turned out uninteresting for him or he wants to play hard to get and expects you to make the next step. If he does not respond after the ''next step'' he's most likely just not interested''

Q.6: What attracts men?

Guy 1: ''Well let's be honest everything about the opposite sex attracts guys depends on who it is, there are the boobs men, butt men, the hair people or the leg lovers and yes there are those who ignore all that and are attracted by a woman's attitude and personality''
Guy 2: ''Appearance first, personality second. Looks attract, personality keeps.''
Guy 3: ''Looks are definitely the first thing that will attract a guy who doesn't know you yet. Then comes the ability to have fun conversations and things that you do with your life, such as hobbies and achievements.''

Q.7: How do you know when a guy is interested in you?

Guy 1: ''Similar to my answer to question four, a guy who is interested in you will like to make you see the goods in him. He'll talk to you a lot, try to get your attention and generally flirt.''
Guy 2: ''They'll ask you questions about you yourself, and try to get to know you. Reply time will generally be shorter too''
Guy 3: ''I'm pretty sure a girl can tell when a guy pays attention only to her even in a hall full of women. Most won't want to show any signs before they know the way the girl they like feels about them.''

Q.8: How do I approach a guy I find attractive first?

Guy 1: ''Depends, some guys like a direct approach while some guys prefer a little bit of a flirty thing. Overall the best way is not to stare at him from a corner, get some guts walk up to him and start a conversation. Don't always have to wait for him to come first''
Guy 2: ''Just talk to him like you would to a girl, no point changing yourself to attract someone. If you want them to like you for you, then just be yourself.''
Guy 3: ''You don't. A guy approaches you first if he's interested. If this doesn't happen he either won't be interested in you at all or won't be worth the effort.''

Q.9: What are the best pick up lines for girls that has worked on you?

Guy 1: ''None, I'm usually the one using pick up lines but only to make girls laugh not with the intention of picking the up'' 
Guy 2: ''On tinder, I just say ''Sensational. Mind-blowing. Exquisite.'' And it works every time.''
Guy 3: ''None. Come on, it's usually at most fun yet annoying most of the time when guys do that. When girls do that it's just weird or appears desperate.''

Q.10: Do guys notice when girls don't want to talk to you for example in a bar or are you just totally clueless?

Guy 1: ''Well yeah girls are really clear when giving the ''back off'' cold look and guys understand it well but the question as to whether it's enough to deter the guy is a totally different story''
Guy 2: ''I notice personally and stop immediately, but a lot of my male counterparts are oblivious to it and keep trying and keep getting shut down, then they get mad at the girl?????? I don't get those guys. If you're ugly, embrace it.''
Guy 3: ''We do. It's usually pretty obvious. What's trickier is while she's having actual fun talking with you and you have no clue if she's just friendly and outgoing or if she's interested in more.''

Let me know what you would want me to ask my guy friends next!

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