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October 15, 2016

What I Love About Autumn

Since autumn is finally here in Finland, I decided to write a list of things on what I love about autumn. Autumn isn't my favourite season AT ALL, I think of it as the calm before the storm aka winter is coming. It's a reminder of all the coldness that is coming ahead. I know some people love winter and the snow and all of that but when it's -20 celsius your face is literally going to fall off at any moment. But there are things I do love about autumn even though I prefer summer and spring!

1. Cosy and warm sweaters
2. Hot chocolate and tea!
3. Tree leaves turning orange
4. Halloween
5. The rain
6. Colours of autumn
7. Blankets
8. Staying home whilst binging on tv-series
9. Boots
10. Snuggling in bed

Let me know what you love about autumn!

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