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November 11, 2016

Confidence + Self Comparison

Where do I even start with this topic... Social society has this whole new standard on how you're supposed to look, act and live, that it has affected not only me but EVERYONE. I have honestly been putting myself down far too many times than I can admit, for not looking like a Victoria's Secret model or any other Instagrammers out there. I have been comparing every single part of me to every single girl that could be compared to, wishing I could look like them and that all my problems would be gone if I had their body and looks. 

Until recently I decided I had to stop putting myself down, cause all of these standards that they are telling you to have is fucking bullshit. I only realised this summer that no one really cares about how you look as much as you think they do. Confidence is what attracts people. I use to be so self conscious about the way I looked that when I went out with my friends or to a party, it took all the fun away. I actually had a friend who told me ''Act like you are confident and everything will work out'' I tried to do as she said and ever since that night I stopped caring about what people thought about my outer appearance and dance like nobodies watching. Every time i'm out and think i'm too fat or I look way too ugly tonight I just say to myself ''Why are you worrying about it? It's not like you can automatically get 2 sizes down in 10 minutes, so enjoy the night and worry about it later'' Make them wish they had the confidence that you do.

If you are trying to look good for a guy, let me just stop you there and say ''don't''. I know we all want to look good for that special someone, which I do understand but do you really want someone who only likes you for your appearance, or do you want someone who likes you for you. If you want someone who likes you for you then no matter how you look or act it shouldn't change the way someone feels about you. I do know indeed that it's easier said than done, took me a while to realise myself.
Look good to make yourself feel better and have the confidence to get what YOU want, not to impress someone else. Guys dig the confidence ladies! I use to worry so much on what other people's opinions about me are, but now when I think about it, if someone really is interested in you they should be able to look pass all that.

No matter how many compliments you get, it would still mean nothing because YOU, yourself don't feel like that. YOU have to be confident in yourself and no one else can give you the confidence you are seeking for. It's like the saying ''You have to love yourself before you can love someone else'' :) I know myself that no matter how many compliments I would get, I would still feel completely shit about myself ''What if she's just saying that to make feel better?''. At the end of the day it's all up to you! You are in charge of your own life so stop worrying and make the most of it #YOLO, right?

The world has way too many problems going on right now, so don't let others put you down and don't be too hard on yourself. 

Are you confident in your own skin?

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  1. Hi, Jasmine! Just catching up on your blog ... I LOVE this post. I think every girl needs to read this. Happy New Year <3
    -Madison from breakfastatmadisons.com-

    1. Aww thank you! Happy New Year to you as well! :)


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