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December 03, 2016

4 Things My Parents Taught Me

Parents can be annoying, a pain in the ass and just UGH sometimes, but you have to admit on rare occasions when you actually bother to listen to what they have to say, end up being some great ass advice even though 90% of the time they just go on and on about how you haven't cleaned your room and how you will end up living on the streets if you don't. 

Here I throw you some of my all time favourite advice (Especially the 'School Don't Matter' part).

1. Everything Always Works Out In The End
Occasionally when I'm stressing over school or work I usually go talk about it with my dad and every single time he tells me the same thing ''Everything always works out in the end'' Which I come to realise is true. No matter the situation bad or good, whatever the outcome is, it always works out one way or another. 

2. School Don't Matter
Now i'm not telling you to drop out of school and just go full on Yolo. What i'm trying to say is after you graduate from uni or college or whatever it is you're doing your degree don't mean shit (Okay maybe it does a bit) But after a couple of years of having your degree they are mostly interested in your work experience. Everyone wants to hire people who knows how to do the job and not just a person with a degree who has zero working experience. 

3. Don't Let A Guy Ruin Your Life
My mom never fails to remind me this every time I watch something with her. When ever we are watching thai-drama together and a couple breaks up and all hell breaks lose, she tells me that if I ever fall in love and a guy breaks my heart that I shouldn't do anything stupid over a guy. Parents took care of you for all these years, raising you to be the person they wanted you to be, not to just throw it all away over a guy who made you happy for a couple days/months/years while they tried their very hardest to make you happy for the whole duration of your life. 

4. No One Will Ever Love And Care For You As Much As They Do
Whenever someone tells you they love you more than anyone else has, they are basically lying. Your parents have loved you since the day you were born, stood by you in whatever situation, accepting you as the person you are. No matter how many times you fuck up, parents will always be there when no one else is.

What is the best advice you have ever gotten from your parents?

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