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February 27, 2017

11 Things Only (Ex)Waitresses Understand

I have been working part time as a waitress a long side my studies for a while now and whoever who has worked as a waitress will definitely be able to share my pain. There's just so many things that annoy the living crap out of me while doing this job and I just need a mini rant, haha! 

So.... Enjoy!

1. When customers are super rude and constantly gives you dirty looks like you have done something wrong.
Okay, yeah here I am trying my damn best to give you the best possible service I can, but here you are giving me a damn hard time to be nice to you. 

2. Big groups that don't tip.
I get it that we waitresses are thirsty for tip, but hey come on... your total bill was 200€+ and you just couldn't possibly spare a couple of euros? Big groups are also a lot more work, it's tiring as hell. 

3. Customers who say they are ready to order, but as soon as you come take their order they immediately start discussing what they want. 
and... here I am standing and smiling for 10 minutes listening to you and your partner argue over a dish. 

4. When drunk men hit on you in-front of their family.
It's awkward as hell for me, and there's your wife sitting across you who is already giving me the death stare. Just NO. 

5. When customers ask if I can split the price of a dish in two separate bills.
Two customers decide to share a starter and in the end they ask if I could split the price of the starter in two. Could one of you just pay for the whole price of the starter and sort out the finance later between the two of you. THANK YOU.

6. Wanting it to be busy but also wanting it to be dead.
When time goes super slow you wish it was super busy so you are constantly doing something and the time would go faster that way, but you are also tired as hell so you wish you wouldn't have to move.

7. When customers refuse to sit where you put them and complain about wanting a table that is taken. 
Sorry ma'am it's TAKEN as you can see...

8. Being asked ''What does this dish taste like?'' when you have never tasted it.
Oh umm.. it's a bit sweet with a hint of sourness... ??? That's me making up some bullshit and hoping for the best. 

9. Picky customers
''No salt, no vegetables, gluten free, lactose free and no meat'' Here you go. Water.

10. Not having enough glasses or cutlery.

11. Being blamed for when the food comes out too slow.
I'm sorry but I'm no cook, I can't help the food come faster even if I tried. 

Have you ever worked as a waitress? if so share some of your bad experiences!

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