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April 04, 2017

Are You Happy?

I remember having someone ask me ''Are you happy with your life?'' and me answering without hesitation ''No.'' I didn't even have to think about it, I knew I wasn't back then and I always wondered if anyone can ever be fully happy with their life? And the answer is yes. Yes, you can. 

Right now at this very moment I can say ''Yes, yes I am happy'' Even though 2017 didn't start as I would have hoped for, I still managed to live through it and stayed positive(ish). I realised the problems you have going on isn't as bad as you put it to be. If you just think about it and take all the 'Not so real' problems away and only keep the 'real' problems in, what is your real problem? Everyone has different kind of problems and deals with it in a different way, but for me when I started thinking if I had any 'real' problems I figured out that I don't. I have pretty much everything I need in life, of course there's things here and there that i'm like ''ugh.. hate this'' but it's more out of pure frustration of myself for not doing anything about it. And then there's those problems that you simply can not do anything about in this very moment, so I don't stress about it. 

This girl is happy AF. I just hope that everyone gets to the point in their life where they can say they are happy. :) it doesn't have to last forever it could even be just for a day, cause I sure as hell know that there's going to be a point coming up in the future where i'm going to want to jump off a bridge.

Are you happy with your life at this very moment?

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