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April 02, 2017

Bastille - Wild World Tour

One of my friends got us free tickets to the Bastille concert and I was literally the happiest girl alive and omggg I took billions of pictures and videos. I still kind of look at the at the videos everyday wishing I was back there again... haha. 

And.. honestly I must say Bastille sounds exactly the same in real life. Dan is a bloody good singer, his perfect, magical voice got me screaming like there's no tomorrow. I'm just fan girling so hard right now. 

Take me back please!

We were pretty close to the front although not as close as I would like to be, but what can you do. Still got some pretty good pictures! Overall their performance was 10/10 aka perfect. Plus they are coming to ruisrock this summer. Ruisrock is a music festival in Finland which they will be performing at, so might go for a take 2 ;)

Hopefully you enjoyed my small picture spams,  let me know what was your favourite concert you have been to!!

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