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April 20, 2017

Exploring Helsinki For A Day

Chilling here in a random Bar/Cafe that I forgot the name of, cause I'm in my own little world of low key suffering from not being able to remember things I should be remembering. Who else doesn't read the name of something or well... you do but then instantly forgetting after 15 seconds of walking inside. #BasicJasmine 

Honestly I'm so damn exhausted from all these goddamn exams, interviews, internships and actual work. I need a long ass break where I don't need to think and simply just relax. 


Today after my exams I decided to enhance the adventurous side of me (lol) and just walk around Helsinki to kill some time whilst waiting for my bus back to Turku. Usually when I'm alone I would just stick to sitting at a cafe I'm most familiar with, so I would say is a big step for me to walk around a city I'm not that familiar with and just walk into places that I find appealing all on my own.

I went to probably 3 different Bars/Cafes that are pretty underground and have this chill vibe to it, and just sat there like a loner but honestly I enjoyed sitting there alone, watching people walk pass. I kind of sound like a creeper there but you get the gist. You know when you're literally so exhausted you don't want to socialise at all, thats me right now in Helsinki. 

Possibly checking out some hot Helsinki boys while I'm at it ;) 

So the first Bar/Cafe I went to was called ''Creative House'' and they had this really minimalistic vibe to it. I felt like taking pictures of everything in there but I was kind of scared since I was alone. Usually when I'm with friends I would take as many pictures as I want and not care as much but yeah... when I'm alone the situation is kind of different. They sold smoothies, juices, sandwiches and some alcohol beverages the basic kind of things you find in most Cafe's in Finland. 

Cool either way though!

Second place I went to was a place called ''ThéHuone'' which you are suppose to pronounce Thé as ''Tea'' I think anyway... correct me if I'm wrong Helsinkiläiset, since it was a cafe that specialised in tea and they sold mostly tea. You could probably guess what I bought... 

Third and FINAL place I visited was a cocktail bar called ''Decades'' I didn't exactly order cocktail though. I ordered their very own made cider which was pretty good, but the price was quite pricey. Sometimes a girl just got to treat herself to some good ass cider... hehe. 

I absolutely love Helsinki as a city. Everyone is more open and most of the employees who work in bars, restaurants and cafe's mostly speak english so you kind of feel like your abroad. Helsinki just has this international vibe to it that I really love. 

Let me know if you have ever been to Helsinki! 

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