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June 21, 2017

Few And Far Between

Yes, I'm still very much alive. My blog was down for about a month since I was just not happy with my blog and needed a break. So I decided to change my blog name from Jasmine's Secret to Few and Far Between


Because I felt like Jasmine's Secret was just not ''me'' anymore. I created this blog along with my blog name 2 years ago. I have since then grown as a blogger and slowly started realizing what I enjoy posting about and what I don't, and that was purely beauty posts. Of course when I first started I LOVED beauty and loved to write all about it, I still do just not as a ''Beauty Blogger''. I now consider myself as a lifestyle blogger and Few and Far Between was right up my alley, it's new and fresh. 

Feels like i'm about to start a new chapter in my blogging life. Haha. Which I kind of am.. I guess? 

Super excited about the new name! Hopefully everyone else loves it too. 

Not sure if I ever mentioned anywhere what I blog about, but I'm hoping to now post more about tips and tricks, motivational, relatable and my everyday life in general posts.

Also updated my about page and added an FAQ page to my blog. Check it out if you haven't already! 

That's it for now, hope you all have a great summer/winter day wherever you are! And I shall catch you later with the next upcoming blog post. ;)

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