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June 23, 2017

Why Self Care Is So Important

Let's start with the body you have is the only body you'll ever get, so treat it well. You only get a certain amount of time to live. The clock is ticking and time waits for no one. Life is like a ticking time bomb, you could be gone any second from now. So, why not make the most out of it?

Please, please, please don't harm yourself. If you treat yourself with love and care, your body is going to repay you with double the love and care.

Self care isn't suppose to be an option it should be a mandatory thing and it is crucial, your body needs and deserves it. Sometimes you need to take a time out from everything that is burning you out and take the necessary rest, hang out with the people you love, go eat some amazing food (treat yourself) or simply just stay home and relax.

If you feel like ''Oh, I'm too busy to relax cause I have all these things to do'' that's no excuse. If you even take a 10 minute break your mind and body will already be able to perform better than constantly burning yourself out.

This might be a personal thing but if you're suffering from depression and constantly having suicidal thoughts, please get professional help or even start by telling your closest friends. You deserve to feel better and not constantly be depressed all the time. I know in those dark times you feel like you deserve nothing, you're a burden, what's the point in even trying anymore? No one should go through that and you deserve to be happy and not be inside this 'dark box' you put yourself in.

Here are some of my favourite ways to take better care of yourself:

1. Accept the fact that you taking 1 hour rest from work/studying is okay and that you're not being lazy.

2. Sleep! Try to get the minimum amount of acceptable hours per night. I know I still have to work on this.

3. Learn to say no. It's okay to not go on a night out and stay home spending time with yourself.

4. Take care of your body, take showers, exercise, eat clean...

5. Most importantly have fun. Don't take life too seriously.

Are you possibly struggling from self care?

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