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July 05, 2017

4 Ways To Get Back Up After Failure

I failed my driving test twice and passed on my third try. Yes, I know there's people out there who have failed way more times than me... But it still feels like crap. I was so ready to give up and quit after my second fail. ''I can't do this'' ''I'm never going to pass'' ''I Suck'' ''I'm such a failure''. All these negative thoughts were running through my head and I cried for days. I was so gutted.

Failing sucks.

You're probably reading this now and thinking ''There's bigger problems in the world, stop being a little baby'' But at that moment it was my biggest problem.. And I was DONE with driving school! 

Thankfully for my amazing friends and mom who still believed in me..hehe, gave me just enough positivity and support to go try the third time and I finally passed! 

So here's a few ways on how to get back on your feet! 

1. Learn to accept failure
Most important but the hardest to do. No one wants to accept the fact they they 'failed'. But the truth is you failed and you can't change that. You just have to accept it as a lesson, learn from your mistakes and try better next time.

2. Talk it out
Talk to your friends/family about it, don't keep it to yourself. They will only make you feel better and encourage you to do better next time, possibly even give some useful tips on how to improve.

3. Read about other people's failures
I googled ''I keep failing my driving exam and i'm never going to pass'' when I failed, but now that I look back on it I find it pretty funny. It helped me feel better though.. Knowing I wasn't alone and that there were others out there who failed even worse than I did.

4. Laugh it off with your friends
Have a good laugh about it, usually failures always come with a great backstory.

Whatever you do, don't give up! xx


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