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September 09, 2017

10 Days In Budapest

I traveled to BUDAPEST! I went to Budapest starting the beginning of August with my best friend. So why are you only posting now? well, I am only posting about it now since I have been super busy with work and moving to Helsinki, I didn't have time to *cries*. Now that I finally have some free time, I'm going to take advantage of that to post this! 

Can I just add that we went when there was a heat wave and... oh lord save me. I was dripping with sweat daily and the unbearable heat was hell. I come from Finland where our summers are usually 18-25 degrees and over 25 degrees on a good day so I was not use to this heat. Although near the end of our trip I started slowly adjusting to the heat. 

We spared no time in starting to explore Budapest on our first full day here. We decided to explore and walk around the city until we made it to the Parliament. The Parliament was incredibly beautiful with such small details. We also got a tour inside the parliament where almost everything was made of real gold (OMG) 

Since I'm in Budapest of course, I had to check out the infamous szimpla kert. It was super cool to experience the ruin pubs in Budapest and they were just as I expected if not better. We went there twice, once on our first night in Budapest and saturday night which was super full and fun. We met new people who were also tourists on both nights. Our new friends all had interesting stories to share as well haha. 
 We also went to visit Buda castle and the other areas around it. I must say this was probably my favorite place to visit in Budapest since Buda castle was up pretty high on a hill and you could see the whole Budapest when looking down. It was quite amazing and the buildings were beautiful like everything else in Budapest.

Just an awkward tourist fooling around.
BUDAPEST HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIBRARY I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! The two pictures on the right are the inside of the library and the 2 left was inside a church. If Finland had libraries like that I would be the most hard working student anyone has ever seen. 

Although it was pretty awkward taking pictures in the library when there were other people in there studying. Everyone looked like they were so done with tourists. I probably would be as well in that situation.
 We heard that taking an evening boat cruise was something one must do while in Budapest, so we did and it was totally worth it. When the sun goes down, the whole city lights up. We got to see all the popular buildings light up and it was prettier during the evening.

Also went to the aquarium cause we love fishes.

I wish I could post more pictures on here but it would be way too much. I have over 600 pictures on my camera from the trip and it was quite hard cutting it down to a reasonable amount. Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Until next time. :)

Let me know if you have been to Budapest and what was your favorite thing to do in Budapest! 

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  1. Budapest is so amazing! I didn't realise the library was so stunning. Shame about the heatwave though! Hope you have settled back in after the move

    Nat ◇ dignifiable


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