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June 15, 2018

Dr Martens Will Be The Death Of Me

I ordered myself a pair of Dr Martens a couple days ago and it has finally arrived! But, holy moly, my ankle was in so much pain after walking in them for the whole day. It's not like I did not expect to get blisters, since that's what you usually get with most new shoes but, I did not expect it to be this bad. I probably wore them for a good 20 mins and my right ankle already started crying red tears. And me being me, I continued to wear them anyways for the next 7 hours. Someone send help! By the end of the night I was already limping home, and got a couple of weird looks on the way which I should have saw coming. I'm praying I will break in my boots really, really soon or Dr Martens might be the death of me.

Also, still on the fence whether I love them or not due to the fact that they make my feet look super small and legs super short. You know, how you just feel a bit weird about something but you just aren't sure? Well I have no other choice but to keep them anyway, since I can't return them anymore, haha. You guys be the judge of that! 

Dr Martens, Yes or No? 


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