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July 02, 2018

How University Students Party In Finland

Due to the fact that most people who have applied to study university in Finland have gotten their results whether they have been accepted or not. I decided to make a post for those who got accepted and have no idea what they are getting themselves into. If anyone studies in Finland, you will know how big the student life is. It gets REAL CRAZY. 

In Finland, we have a student tradition that I still don't really know how it started, and when it started. I also believe (correct me if I am wrong) that Finland is the only country where students wear coveralls during parties, it's 'mandatory' after all.

 Everyone who is in University will own their very own coveralls, every degree programme and every University will have their own colors of coveralls, the colors are a way to differentiate who belongs to which University and what they are studying. Once you get your coveralls it comes with a set of rules you must follow, which you will be more familiar with later on in the post. No one ever has the same looking coverall due to the fact that every student decorates their coveralls differently, whether it be with patches, stuffed animals, condoms hanging around, shot glasses, everything you can possibly think of. 

With every student party, you attend you obtain a magical patch that you sew on with by hand, this is one of the rules you MUST follow. Using a sewing machine or bringing your coverall to the sewer is considered cheating. A couple of my friends bring them to their grandma's to sew them on, still cheating though... Because of this, you will often see patches hanging for their life on the coveralls, due to us students being lazy and not sewing it on properly. 

The more patches you have on your coverall means the more parties you have been to, it's a social status amongst students... well that's one way to put it.

During one of these huge student parties, you will see a bunch of colorful coverall wearing students roaming around the streets, and all the ''norms'' automatically will know there's a student party going on somewhere. There's also a thing when you put your coveralls on you are automatically seem to be excused from doing the stupidest and craziest sh*t you can imagine. 

We are also not allowed to wash it EVER except for this one day Vappu. Every pee stain, alcohol stains, puke stains etc.. will forever remain on your coveralls. Every stain has a story to be told. So... Vappu is the only one day you are allowed to ''wash'' your coveralls. It's not actually washing your coveralls, you pretty much go swimming in the cold sea with your coveralls on.  

May I also add student parties are NEVER on the weekends, its either a Tuesday, Wednesday (Wednesday being the main day) or Thursday. Which means us going to lectures the next day still drunk and hungover. But hey, the lecturers are usually well aware of the parties that go on. I'm pretty sure this is every student ever though, haha. 

After all this craziness, I'm so grateful to whoever thought of this genious? Idea. I love how we have this unique tradition that I hope will continue forever because when we graduate we will have this stinky ass coveralls to remind us of our amazing university years. 

Let me know how it's done in your country! 


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