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I started blogging in early 2015 as a community for make-up lovers but as I continued blogging, beauty wasn't exactly the thing I was into anymore. I gradually started to write motivational, relatable and my own life experiences posts which I enjoy sharing and is passionate about. 

If you are spontaneous and love to read about my fails and crappy advises I share, then you'll feel right at home. I hope I can create a place where I can motivate and support other people in various aspects of their life. Also I'm all about girl love right now. 

I'm a current International Business student with an entrepreneur mind set. I also already have a degree in Finance so if there is any way I can help others with financing and budgeting even though I myself don't follow my own advises maybe someone will! I'm hoping sometime in the near future I can create a series of blog posts purely on business. 

I'm also maybe too obsessed with the colour rose gold. I also love to travel, but who doesn't? Other than the obvious I'm just your average girl living in Finland. 

If I haven't bored you to death yet then do stick around!


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